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Understanding Elijah-Brook-Lael-International (derive from Hebrew origin)

The name Elijah means, Yahweh is my God.

Brook which is the Brook Cherith, as mentioned in 1 Kings 17: 2-7, means “a cutting away.” It is a cutting of all things pertaining to the self-life to facilitate Elijah’s (which is now you and I) usage for God.

La’el means “of God” and “belonging to God”

We are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, in order to do the good things He planned for us long ago (Ephesians 2:10). Similar to Elijah, God called us forth to be His servant, His mouthpiece, and His warriors because of the privilege of being His children.  Knowing and understanding that we are children of the living God, the King the kings, and the Creator of all things, we must serve God and trust in His word while allowing Him to guide, direct, and provide for us because He is our Father. We like Elijah must have enough faith in God that we do not ask questions when He tells us to do something. Comparable to Elijah, we must do what God ordained us to and then wait for the next commands. We must have faith that God has a plan for us and God will never forsake us. God tells us, as He once told Elijah, to flee to our modern day Cherith for our own safety and there we, as Elijah, will be fed by our modern day ravens that He will send while preparing us for our Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18). When our brook desiccates, understand God allows us to learn more about our spiritual source of blessings. He wants us to realize we must not continue to depend on the brook and the ravens but to depend on Him who is the provider.

Keep in mind, God does not send what we need for our present circumstance. God sends what we need for where He destines us to be. Often people become discouraged because their expectation of God is not met. Truthfully, if we remain where God wants us, then we would receive what He sends That is why He allows the brook to desiccate so we can now go forward to the next mission He has given us.

Understand, as a child of the King, everything you do is for the Kingdom and everything belongs to the King including the Kingdom. As a child of the King, your best interest is always for the King and His Kingdom.  Therefore, we should always care about our Father’s Kingdom and everything we do should belong to Him. Hence the Hebrew word La’el meaning belonging to God since we are of God. We are all La’el and must have the spiritual discernment to recognize that the Kingdom of God is among us and the divine representative of that Kingdom is Jesus Christ who lives within.

What makes us royalty is not just the fact that our Father is a King, but that our Father lives in us and we are of Him.



Elijah Brook Lael International is a TRENDY, AFFORDABLE, GLAMOROUS cutting-edge fashion boutique with the beliefs of serving God yet looking fabulous. This ministry was given from Elohim the creator of Elijah Brook Lael International™ in its entirety, which provided Ms. Pierre the gift of partnership (CEO) with remembrance of Him in every aspect of the business.

Although Ebrooklael.com is a fashion boutique, the primary vision and purpose of this ministry is to meet the needs of people both locally and internationally. Ebrooklael.com provides funding of a minimum of twenty-five percent for its partner’s mission trips as they travel with their local church to help people in Africa, Haiti, and India.  Moreover, a yearly fifteen percent of ebrooklael.com will host food and clothing drives, and assembles etiquette courses for local youth with focus of the word of God. Likewise, we partner with Center for loss and healing Tampa, FL (http://centerforlossandhealing.org/ ), to provide substance abuse programs. In actuality, the fashion industry is the method that Elijah Brook Lael uses to comfort, encourage, and edify individuals.

Before opening Elijah Brook Lael International, this young entrepreneur had an extensive background in fashion and finances. Ms. Pierre has over five years of experience in the fashion industry as a young model, creative stylist, and buyer with an immaculate style and taste for high fashion. Ms. Pierre possesses an impeccable background in business management due to her role as a senior financial adviser for the past seven years.

Ms. Pierre launched E.B.L.I. in 2013 and has quickly built a following by stocking the online boutique with hot-off-the-runway pieces and hard-to-find designer duds. The CEO sums up the inspiration behind E.B.L.I. best when she says, “While traveling on missions, I search to buy things I know will not be duplicated. Even if someone else carries the line, my eye is different and you can trust to get a great quality item. I tend to gravitate toward lesser-known talent, but I shall always have a sweet spot for my well-known, high-end designers.”

E.B.L.I., though not necessarily geared toward young crowds, is a place where a mother can come with her daughter and they will both leave with items making them feel confident and fabulous. Trendy, affordable, and glamorous, E.B.L.I. is the one stop to satisfy all of your fashion needs.